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Let's consider a long, quiet country road with houses scattered very sparsely along it. (Picture the road as a long line segment with an eastern endpoint and a western endpoint.) Further lets suppose that despite the country setting, the residents of all these houses are avid cell phone users. You want to place cell phone base stations at certain points along the road, so that every house is within four miles of one of the base stations. Give an efficient algorithm that achieves this goal using as few base stations as possible.

Reference no: EM1362085

Write specifications using uml notation for a function

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There is a set of numbers stored in a file, but we don't know how many it contains. Write an algorithm in pseudocode to calculate the average of the numbers stored in this f

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Describe a specific web or mobile application'spurpose. How is it used? What changes has it brought about to its users? What are some likely future uses and enhancements

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Analyze how the chart and pseudocode was created

Fill in the following table by walking through the logic above.The idea is to analyze how the chart and pseudocode was created, because you will be doing this in a few minut


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