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Suppose nodes A and B are on the same 10 Mbps Ethernet bus, and the propagation delay between the two nodes is 245 bit times. Suppose A and B send frames at the same time, the frames collide, and then A and B choose different values of K in the CSMA/CD algorithm. Assuming no other nodes are active, can the retransmissions from A and B collide? For our purposes, it suffices to work out the following example. Suppose A and B begin transmission at t=0 bit times. They both detect collisions at t=245 bit times. They finish transmitting a jam signal at t = 245 + 48 = 293 bit times. Suppose KA=0 and KB= 1. At what time does B scheduleits retransmission? At what time does A begin transmission? (Note: The nodes must wait for an idle channel after returning to Step 2, see protocol.) At what time does A's signal reach B? Does B refrain from transmitting at its scheduled time?

Reference no: EM1370448

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