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1. Consider N users participating in an audio/video conference using IP multicasting. Each user is equipped with a microphone, a camera, and speakers. Justify your answers for the following. Assuming no RTP mixers are used:

a. How many distinct SSRCs are needed?

b. How many distinct canonical names are needed? How will canonical names be used?

Reference no: EM1348450

How many registers available for use by input parameters

Each register window has 32 registers, of which 10 are global variables and 10 are local variables. How many registers would be available for use by input parameters?

What is the client process

COIT20261 Network Routing and Switching -  What is the full (expanded) address of the abbreviated IPv6 address FDEC::CF:0:FFFF - Identify the destination port number.

Processor execute between receipt of message

Assume that we are working on a workstation with an instruction rate of 500 MIPS. How many instructions can the processor execute between the receipt of each individual bit of

Purpose of non routable protocols

In your opinion, what is the purpose of nonroutable protocols? Is there a legitimate reason for having nonroutable protocols? Do you think they can be replaced and with anot

Draw diagram showing network design indicating the switches

Draw a diagram showing the network design indicating the switches, firewalls, routers, WAN and Internet connections, servers, etc. Please use APA formatting. The paper shoul

Remote accessing and related issues

Remote Accessing and Related Issues- An organization's head office is connected to its branch office over the Internet. The network connection works fine without errors. The

How to interconnect two areas using tenbaset

Given that both engineering and front office areas use 10BaseT (twisted-pair Ethernet), how might you interconnect those two areas? Explain what meduim guarantees immunity f

Explain the network design executive powerpoint presentation

the Network Design Executive PowerPoint Presentation- You are a small network design company called Wide-IP that is looking for that big break. As the CTO of the Wide-IP com


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