Discuss the many uses of gre and how you could secure it

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1. "Choosing the Best Active Directory User Creation Tool and Organizational Unit Design Best Practices" Please respond to the following:
eActivity: http://www.windowsnetworking.com/articles-tutorials/windows-server-2008/Crash-Course-Active-Directory-Organizational-Unit-Design.html

A) Determine at least two (2) Windows Server 2012 Active Directory user creation scenarios and specify one (1) Active Directory user object creation tool that you believe is the most efficient for each scenario. Include the main reasons why you believe each tool is the most efficient one to use for your specified scenarios based on the time it takes to create users and the complexity of using the tool.

B) From the e-Activity, choose the two (2) best practices you consider to be the most important when designing Organizational Units (OUs). Provide one (1) specific network configuration example for each best practice that demonstrates the application of the best practice. Provide justification as to why each best practice should be followed.

2. Protocol 47 or GRE is one of the most flexible IP protocols in networking but it is insecure. Discuss the many uses of GRE and how you could secure it across insecure networks like the Internet.

3. "Wireless Troubleshooting and Security" Please respond to the following:

A) Imagine that the wireless operations team has identified an issue related to the reliability and performance of the wireless network. After careful observation, you have noted that the AP interface pointing to the wired network is performing inconsistently and there is a significant slowdown on Voice over WLAN when the port is operational. Propose the main steps that you would take in the troubleshooting process and discuss the tools that would help you achieve a solution. Choose the tool you believe to be the most useful in this troubleshooting process and justify your choice.

B) From Part 1 of this discussion, suggest the main steps that you would take to ensure that Wireless LAN components are not compromised in the troubleshooting process as a result of this security issue. Provide a rationale to support your response.

Reference no: EM13872233

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