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1. Discuss the basic foundations of generic inheritance. Differentiate chromosomes and genes. Briefly describe DNA, explain of alleles and the difference between dominant and recessive traits. Finally, wrap up your essay by summarizing your views on how generic inheritance impacts a child development.

2. Discuss the Strange method and the kinds of infant attachment discovered by this method.

Answer each of the following questions in one or four sentences :

1.briefly differentiate a traditional from a constructivist classroom

2. In Erickson's theory, how is identity moratorium different from identify foreclose? Use simple examples as seems appropriate.

3. In a research study what is external validity?

4. During interuterine development, what are the functions of the placenta and the umbilical cord?

5. Piaget tells us that during the preoperational stage, children fail to understand the principal of conservation. In a famous experiment having to do with the volume of fluid in different containers, Piaget demonstrated this observation. How is such an experiment conducted?

6. In an infant, what is the more reflex? In human evolution, what adaptive function might this reflex have served?
Answer each question in one or two paragraphs:

1. Imagine that its a new school year, and you're the lead teacher of your childcare centers classroom for four year olds. The children in your classroom will be attending kindergarten in just one year. During the firs week of school, several parents are asking about the curriculum and specifically how you'll be teaching their children to read. After a few days of reflection, you decided to develop the newsletter that will explain the principles in creating activities that will benefit all domains od the children's development throughout the year.

write a newsletter paragraph to the families of your four year old children, in it, explain the principles of developmentally practice, and how following this principles at school and home will benefit their children growth and development domains.

2. Planning for the delivery of content in a classroom takes reflection and purpose. Planning in advance helps the teacher to reach the cervical goals for the children, planning takes time, reflection and purpose. Explain the purposes of planning.

3. The mother of on elf your classrooms four year old children says to you " reading, writing and math were the most important subjects when I was a kid. I don't understand why art needs to be taught when my child will have and art teacher next year in elementary school" write a brief respond to the parent. Explain what the aesthetic domain is and why its important to the curriculum of a class of four years old.

Answer each question in a short composition of one or two paragraphs:

1. Discuss the strategies you'll use in your own preschool classroom to have smooth transition between activities.

2. why it is inappropriate to make holidays the center of your preschool curriculum? How could you modify of the Christmas season to fit developmentally appropriate practice in your classroom? Discuss.

Answer each question in 3 or 5 sentences:

1. Describe 3 things you can do to help promote creativity in preschool children.

2. What are 5 recommended centers that should be available to promote creativity in young children?

3. What should you look for when buying books for infants?

4. The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) calls for 4 strategist to provide a developmentally appropriate classroom in early childhood. Describe two of this strategies and how you would implement them into your own classroom.

Reference no: EM131342360

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