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Samantha is a case manager working with Ian ,an intellectually disabled client. Ian's sister wants to know how he is doing since he is being forgetful and left his stove on. Can Samantha give him information?

How about informed consent or HIPPA? What are the ethical implications of this case study? Identify and discuss the NOHS Standards that might apply.

Finally, discuss strategies to minimize the likelihood of these legal and ethical issues arising in your practice.

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The paper is about how the individuality and the sanctity of information about any particular information need to be maintained. This specifies that we need to maintain the confidentiality of any individual and try to maintain and restrict in passing that information to the person concerned. This paper also discusses about HIPPA and the relating attributes and standards. The paper has been prepared in Microsoft Office and is of 400 words.

Reference no: EM131083211

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