Discuss issue of womens rights at the turn-of-the-century
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Select one of the readings or films from the course outline and a theme, issue, or concept from it. For example, if you are intrigued by "Punishment," you might work with the issue of "women's rights at the turn-of-the-century." If you find "Yellow Woman" thought-provoking, you might explore an idea related to Native American culture. Please Note: You may use one, and only one, reading from the course outline or course materials in this project.

The other four artifacts you use must be a result of creative and critical thinking and of searching and researching. You may not select a theme and use all five examples of the theme from the course materials.

Next, search for a work of literature, art, music, and film (one of each!) which relates/connects to your chosen work from the course and illustrates/connects to your theme, issue, or concept. Again, these four artifacts should not come from the course materials, but should be ones that have resulted from your creative and thoughtful search.

The work of literature must be a story/novel/play/poem that you have read on your own or that you plan to read during the research phase of this project; the section about literature cannot be a summary of a Wikipedia entry or a similar source.

If you need help finding a literary text that relates to your chosen course work and theme, you may want to research works of literature on Project Gutenberg or Literature Network. Likewise, you must view the film you decide to write about.

Search academic websites, museum websites, and other legitimate sources for works of art. Do not get your artifacts from Google Images, Facebook, personal blogs, and such. Your four research items should not come from the course materials, but from your creative and thoughtful search. Again, this is a research project, although not a traditional research paper.

Assemble your five items (course work + lit + art + music + film) in a Word document.

Begin with an MLA heading and a title (such as Making Connections: Transition from Childhood to Adulthood).

List your topic/concept/issue.

Include the bibliographic information for each of the five items in MLA format.

Start with the course work.Following each bibliographic entry, include a two-paragraph annotation (250-300 words) for each item. In the first paragraph, analyze the artifact.

In the second paragraph, explain how the item connects to your chosen work and theme; this means that you will have to discuss both your specific artifact and the course work in the second paragraph.

You also need to make sure that you explain clearly what each artifact suggests about your chosen topic. For example, it is not enough to state that each artifact addresses women's rights.

You need to explain what each particular artifact suggests about your topic (e.g., what does the story suggest about women's rights at the turn of the century, etc.).

Incorporate and discuss 3-5 quotations from your primary sources (the five artifacts) to illustrate your points. Document your quotations using MLA format.

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