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Please develop your personal leadership model/framework. The model should represent your ‘authentic’ leadership perspective. You should represent your model with an illustration (diagram, graphic, smart art, etc). Each construct within your model/framework should be defined. The relationships between constructs should also be defined. The construction of your model/framework should be described based on your experience, education, and personal meaning components (see Chapter 9 for these components). The activity should be 2-3 pages, single-spaced using 12 point font (not bold). All late assignments will be subject to a 10points/day late penalty. Please complete this activity within this template using the space between the numbered sections.

1. Provide your leadership model/framework illustration here. (To create a smart art graphic click ‘insert’ from the menu above; click ‘smartart’ from the illustrations menu; choose the type of diagram that best fits your model. If you do not want to use smart art, you can hand draw your illustration).

Reference no: EM131153885

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