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• Carefully study the New Hong Kong Airport Transit System (HKATS) project through viewing the Discovery Channel film and online searches

• Choose a small subproject belonging to HKATS and develop your own work-breakdown structure (30 to 50 activities, so high level) - it must be realistic

• Devise a three point timing matrix (with variances) for this structure and produce a plan using CPM

• Produce a Gantt Chart from this plan and analyse the output

• Use Risk to undertake PERT - quantify the probability of completing the project in accordance with your CPM, quantify the probability of delivering 10% early, and quantify the probability of delivering 10% late

• Identify the 3 major risks in your plan and state how you intend to mitigate them.


• Structure of the report; Introduction, brief description of HKATS, brief description of your chosen project, CPM of your project plus analysis, PERT of your project plus analysis, risk analysis plus mitigation, conclusions.

• Report should be no more than 10 pages including diagrams

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Reference no: EM13850501

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