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This activity will test whether you are able to apply the strategies and tools that you learned in the class to real-life scenarios and present your solutions/recommendations in a logical, concise, and easy to understand format.

This is your opportunity to display your ability to apply the concepts that you learned in the class to a real world scenario. Remember, the content of your recommendation is as important as its presentation.

Imagine that your recommendations will be read by executive management, as well as other project stakeholders.

Before you begin this assignment, be sure to:

Read the following:

• Gido, J., & Clements, J. P. (2012). Successful project management. Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.

o Chapter 5: Developing the Schedule

o Chapter 6: Resource Utilization

View the following:

• PowerPoint presentations:

o Chapter 5: Developing the Schedule

o Chapter 6: Resource Utilization

In an essay of 500-600 words, prepare a well-organized examination on the case study based on Chapter 5 from the textbook on the topic-The Wedding Part 2 of 5. In the study you have to:

1. Develop an estimated duration for each activity.

2. Calculate the ES, EF, LS, and LF times and total slack for each activity, using a project start time of 0 (or January 1) and a required project completion time of 180 days (or June 30). If your calculations result in a project schedule with negative total slack, revise the project scope, activity estimated durations, and/or sequence or dependent relationships among activities to arrive at an acceptable baseline schedule for completing the project within 180 days (or by June 30). Describe the revisions that you make.

3. Determine the critical path and identify the activities that make up the critical path.

4. Produce a bar chart (Gantt Chart) based on the ES and EF times from the schedule in item 2.

Draw your sources from the Case Study Instructions [PDF file size 90.1 KB] (pdf.) and relevant peer-reviewed professional literature. Use the American Psychological Association (APA) style (6th edition) for writing your assignment

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Reference no: EM13871665

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