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The following will act as a framework for presentations. This is based, in part, on the University of Michigan - Flint Writing Center's guidelines. There are several goals for work in this class:

# Learn about research, use of the library, and internet applications for research

# Perfect skills regarding use of computer-based productivity tools to enhance presentations and written reports.

# Team and Group Collaboration skill development when working with others in groups

# How to effectively present information in a group setting


The following order can act as a guideline, and you may want to alter it as you develop your PPT project. Pay attention to the schedule outlined on the calendar for the class requirements. It includes many of the graded requirement dates.

1. Select your group.

# Since the entire group will receive the same grade, it is important to make sure everyone works. This means that there shouldn't be any excuses by other team members for their lack of participation. If there are incidences of non-cooperation, the student may be penalized. Do not wait until the 11th hour to address this.

2. Agree upon a topic to work on.

# This can cover any aspect of the field of business and its application, with use of Excel.
# An example could be the use of Excel in the field of Alternative Energy, with a subdivision of growth potential over time.

3. Develop a framework for workload.

# Don't over-extend yourself. The subject and depth you select should be feasible to accomplish within the timeframe to complete it. Don't forget the due dates.
# Be original and do not revisit something that was done previously, by either yourself, or another group.
# For all Team Members, determine who does what. This is critical since you will need to provide a timely submittal.

4. Establish a schedule

# Make it realistic.
# Don't try to get everything done at once.
# If a schedule is not agreed upon, initially, it is likely that your productivity will fall short of your goals.

5. Give yourself plenty of time to write and revise the project/presentation

# Be practical. Be careful of relying on someone who seems to be putting their work off.
# Don't try to get everything done at once. If you do, there is a much greater chance for mistakes due to rushing.
# This is one of the weakest areas when working with team members. Coordination and Collaboration are key issues when working in groups.

Reference no: EM13779944

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