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A fermentation reactor is charged with a sterile feed of growth media at 35 °C and inoculated with a batch of microorganisms. The batch is allowed to grow for 10 days. During the growth period the temperature is maintained at 37 °C by circulating cold water through a jacket on the vessel. Sterile air is spared into the fermenter to maintain a desired dissolved oxygen concentration. The pH of the fermenter is controlled by periodic addition of a dilute solution of sodium hydroxide. At the end of the growth period the batch is discharged from the reactor to the harvesting section of the process.

a. Sketch a P&I diagram of the reactor and feed section.

b. What pressure would you choose for operation of the fermenter, and how would you control it?

Reference no: EM13884227

What is the maximum annual profit that can be obtained

The value of the product is $14.08 per pound, and the plant operates 300 days per year. Assuming no costs are involved other than those mentioned, what is the maximum annual

What is the final temperature of the gas

where V is the molar volume at temperature T, and a is a constant. Initially one mole of the gas is at temperature T1 and occupies volume V1. The gas is allowed to expand ad

Explain the effect of insulating a hot surface

Explain the effect of insulating a hot surface - What is meant by the economic thickness of lagging and determine the convective heat transfer coefficient -Describe what is wr

Determine the values of vmax

Determine the values of Vmax, KM, and KI. v, M/min x 106 S, M No inhibitor 10-5 M inhibitor 3.3 x 10-4 56 37 5.0 x 10-4 71 47 6.7 x 10-4 88 61 1.65 x 10-3 129 103 2.21 x 10-

Calculate the maximum temperature in the fuel rod

Heat conduction in a nuclear fuel rod assembly (Fig. 10B.3) considers a long cylindrical nuclear fuel rod, surrounded by an annular layer of aluminum cladding. Within the fu

Weight of dry exhaust gas formed per unit of fuel

mole  of oxygen  in the exhaust  gas per unit weight of fuel. e-  mole of water  vapour  in  exhaust  gas per unit weight  of fuel.

Calculate the standard internal energy change

calculate the standard internal energy change for the reaction OF2 (g) + H2O (g) ------- >O2 (g )+ 2HF ( g) at298 ok. the standard enthalpies of formation of OF2, H2O , HF a

Independent of concentration

QUESTION  -  1 . The rate  of a liquid phase  reaction  of the type ,A+B --àproducts  is  found to be  independent  of concentration of A and B  and  equal  to 1 KMOL/m3  (


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