Determine the values for m and l for the b+ tree

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 A B+-tree is to be stored on disk whose block size is 2048 bytes.  The data records
     to be stored are 50 bytes, and their key is 4 bytes.  Determine the values for
     M and L for the B+-tree.  Assume pointers are 4 bytes each.

11.  For the problem above, how many levels are needed to store 10,000,000 records?



Reference no: EM13163653

Explain two possible solution-fill in blank squares by words

The objective is to fill in blank squares using words from the list. Your task is to formulate problem as constraint satisfaction problem. Explain two possible solutions.

Advantage of fast running time of insertion sort

Running time of quicksort can be enhanced in practice by taking advantage of fast running time of insertion sort when its input is "nearly" sorted.

Find the longest increasing sub sequence

The longest Increasing Sub-sequence (LIS) problem is to find the length of the longest sub-sequence of a given sequence such that all elements of the sub-sequence are sorted

Write a function called maxsubsum that takes a matrix a

Write a function called maxsubsum that takes a matrix A as an input, computes the sum of elements in each of its submatrices, and finds the submatrix that has the maximum su

Explain types of information systems

Question 1. Explain five types of information systems, and give an example of each. Question 2. Describe three common reasons for a systems request. Try and find one not

What advantage can be gained by using worst fit algorithm

A third hole allocation scheme, in addition to best fit and first fit, is worst fit, where a process is allocated space from the largest remaning hole. What advantage can be

Important java questions

Add a method addText to the Question class, and provide a different implementation of Choice Question that calls add Text rather than storing an array list of selections.

Explain in words a linear-time algorithm

The max subsequence product problem for an array a = a1,a2,...,an of integers is the problem of determining the largest product E(summation)k=1(bottom) j(top) ak formed by a


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