Determine the peak output voltage for the bridge rectifier

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1 Determine the peak output voltage for the bridge rectifier in Figure 1 shown. Assuming the practical model, what PIV rating is required for the diodes? The transformer is specified to have a 12 Vrms secondary voltage for the standard 120 V across the primary.

Figure 1. Bridge Full Wave Rectifier

2 In the full-wave center-tapped rectifier circuit, the transformer has a turns ratio of 1:2. The transformer primary winding is connected across an AC source of 230V (rms), 50 Hz. The load resistor is 50?. For this circuit, determine the DC output voltage, peak-to-peak ripple in the output voltage, and output ripple frequency. Show all work.

3 In an NPN transistor, the emitter and collector are both N-type materials.

A True
B False

4 The dc beta is defined as the dc collector current divided by the dc emitter current.

A True
B False

5 When the ground side of each voltage source is connected to the emitter of a bipolar junction transistor, it is called a common collector.

A True
B False

6 The middle region of a transistor is the ________.

7 A transistor has a collector current of 12 mA and a base current of 40 µA. What is the current gain of the transistor? Show all work.

8 A transistor has a current gain of 260. If the base current is 90 µA, what is the collector current?

Reference no: EM13768554

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