Determine the maximum load p that the member can support

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1.A reservoir at elevation 700 ft will supply a second reservoir at elevation 460 ft. The reservoirs are connected by 1300 ft of 24-in cast-iron pipe and 2000 ft of 20-in cast iron pipe in series. What will be the discharge delivered from the upper reservoir to the lower one?

2.A stainless steel tube with an outside diameter of 59 mm and a wall thickness of 5 mm is used as a compression member. If the axial normal stress in the member must be limited to 220 MPa, determine the maximum load P that the member can support.

Reference no: EM13563871

Determine the moment of the couple about the z-axis

The arm ABCD of the industrial robot lies in a vertical plane that is inclined at 40? to the yz-plane. The arm CD makes an angle of 30? with the vertical. A socket wrench at

Estimate maximum outlet velocity that system could deliver

couplings , each with a loss coefficient of k=0.15, are located every 10 m along thehose. the nozzle outlet diamter is d= 25 mm, its minor losscoefficient is k=0.02 based on

Which operation is carried out at atmospheric pressure

Benzene is to be absorbed from coal gas by means of a wash oil. The inlet gas contains 3% by volume of benzene, and the exit gas should not contain more than 0.02% benzene b

Find the specific work and heat transfer

Water at 1000 kPa, 250?C is brought to saturated vapor in a piston/cylinder with an isothermal process. Find the specific work and heat transfer. Estimate the specific work

Determine the total deflection due to the two weights

a cantilevered W12X136 (ASTM-A36) steel member beam is 18 feet in length. if a concentrated load of 12 kips is applied at a point 6.25 feet from the beam's free end, use the

What thickness of bc will result in same compressive stress

A second load P2 is uniformly distributed around the cap plate at B. The diameters and thicknesses of the upper and lower parts of the post are dAB= 1.25 in, tAB= 0.5 in, dB

Maximum acceptable tensile service load

Compute the maximum acceptable tensile service load T that may act on a single angle L6x4x3/4 that is welded along only one leg to a gusset plate; thus, there are no holes.

Show the detailing of the flexural reinforcement

Design Span S2 of the continuous one-way slab example (we designed Span Si in class). Use ACI coefficients. The slab is to support a service live load of 170 psf in addition


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