Determine the location of the hydraulic jump relative

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A rectangular channel of width 12 ft has an upstream slope of 0.02 ft/ft and a downstream slope of 0.0005 ft/ft. Both reaches have lengths of 500 ft. The upstream reach has a Manning's roughness of 0.016 and the downstream reach has a roughness of 0.011. The design discharge is Q = 460 cfs, the low discharge is Q = 230 cfs, and the flood discharge is Q = 690 cfs. Using the direct step method by hand with 1 step, determine the location of the hydraulic jump relative to the slope break for the design discharge. Classify the jump type and calculate the energy lost.

Reference no: EM13552920

Determine what is the minimum do in the river

A stream is in equilibrium with atmospheric oxygen upstream of a waste outfall. The waste outfall creates a BODo of 20 mg/L in the stream. The k(BOD) is 0.4 /day and the k(o

Calculate pressure in point 1 nd density of manometric fluid

A U manometer reads 20 cm air as operating fluid and a given manometric fluid. A single branch closed tube reads 35 cm connected to point 1. If P2 = 1.2 ATM calculate the pr

Determine what is the specific yield of the aquifer material

The area is about 100,000 ha, the ground water pumping about 500 million m3 per year, and the water table drop about 3 m per year. Assuming no replenishment, what is the spe

Determine what will be carbondioxide level 10 years later

Assume to just using coal as an electric energy source. Take efficency as %50 for average power plant.If the carbondioxide level is 400 ppm by volume now, what will be the c

What must average speed of the car be during the last min

During the first 18 minutes of a 1 hour trip, a car has an average speed of 11 m/s. What must the average speed of the car be during the last 42 minutes of the trip to be if

How long will take the water in the aquifer to travel 100ft

A truck spils 1 gallon of benzene into an aquifer with an area= 50ft^2 Benzene has a solubility of 1750 ppm, and a specific gravity of 0.873. The aquifer ahs a porosity of 0

Determine a composite scs runoff curve number for basin

determine a composite scs runoff curve number for a 600acre basin that is totally within soil group C. the land use is 40% contoured row crops in poor hydrologic condition.

Deflection of a simple uniformly loaded beam

Determine the deflection of a simple uniformly loaded beam by the Ritz method,using first one term, then two terms, adn finally three terms in a sine series. Why does the co


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