Determine the instantaneous heat input

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A power plant produces 1000 MW of electricity and uses residential oil as the fuel. The oil has a heating value, the maximum energy liberated in combustion, of 43 000 kJ/kg. The overall efficiency of the power plant is 52%. Determine the instantaneous heat input, the daily fuel consumption, and the dimensions of a cylindrical storage tank (L =D) to hold a 3-day supply of oil. The density of the oil is 990 kg/m3. Determine in addition the amount of heat rejected to the environment.

Reference no: EM13703081

Calculate the lowest frequency that will propagate

Discontinuities in rectangular waveguide. A very long rectangular waveguide is filled with two materials as shown in Figure 17.30. A TM wave propagates in the waveguide.

What would the descent times have been

If Galileo had dropped two iron balls, of 5 mm and 5 cm radius respectively, from a height of 25 m, what would the descent times have been? Is it likely that this difference

Determine the center distance between the gears

Two standard gears in mesh have 48 and 102 teeth, respectively. Their diametral pitch is 10, and the pinion rotates at 60 rpm cw. Determine the center distance between the gea

Estimate the size of the electric motor needed to power

Assume the n in the RosinRammler equation is 1.0, the Bond work index is 400 kWh/ton, and the raw refuse is 80% passing 20 cm. Estimate the size of the electric motor needed

Determine net rate of heat transfer for ambient reservoir

A heat pump supplies 40 kW of heat to maintain the inside of a house at 25 degree C in cold winter months when the ambient temperature is 00C. Power required to operate the he

Determine the weibull modulus

Twenty ceramic specimens were tested to fracture. The measured fracture loads in N were 279, 195, 246, 302, 255, 262, 164, 242, 197, 224, 255, 269, 213, 172, 179, 143, 206, 23

Room is heated by a base-board resistance heater

Room is heated by a base-board resistance heater, which is designed to heat the air in this room from 8oC to 27 oC within 20 min. Approximating the room as a thermo-insulated

Determine the x- and y- coordinates of the mass center

When on the ground, the car is placed on four individual scales - one under each tire. The four scale readings are 4000 N at A, 3070 N at B, 3100 N at C, and 4660 N at D. Dete


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