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IS/IT Project Management-The critical path

Many project managers ensure the success of their projects by using the concept of a critical path to better plan and manage IS/IT projects.

In this Assignment, you will consider the following scenario:
You are managing an IS/IT project that is an upgrade to infrastructure of a customer relations management (CRM) tool. The work breakdown structure (WBS) of this upgrade exercise produces three major activities: the system memory upgrade, the system database upgrade and the Web interface upgrade.

There are five activities planned in this project, and their sequence has been determined:

  • The first activity is the completion of memory upgrade, which is planned to take two days.
  • The second activity is the system design rework, which is planned to take six days.
  • The third and fourth activities are separate activities and are planned to take 12 and four days, respectively, both requiring the system design rework as the input.
  • The last activity is the Web upgrade, which is planned to take 10 days of JavaScript work. The system memory upgrade, system database upgrade and Web interface upgrade are prerequisites for this activity.

You are given a team of three: one hardware specialist, one system and Web interface designer and one database developer. Each is a specialist in his or her own area only.

To complete this Assignment:
Submit a paper in which produce a task activity network for the project described and determine the critical path for this project. Critically analyze the critical path in relation to predicting a project completion activity date. Explain whether and why you would predict a completion date based on the critical path and discuss the alternatives that you have. Based on your analysis, evaluate the applicability of the concept of a critical path to this project.

Length :700+words.

Reference no: EM131408386

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