Design the floor wall and roof structure for the site plan
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FAD Architecture and Building Construction Management Assignment - FORM, FENESTRATION AND STRUCTURE

Description: Design the floor, wall and roof structure for the provided site plan and sketch floor plans for a house. The output for this assignment will be graphic, including sketch plans, sections and elevations, as well as drawings adequate to show your structure. The specific information, drawings and format required for this assignment is to be advised.

Aim - The aim of this assignment is to familiarise students with the design and documentation of structural systems of conventional Australian small/medium (domestic) buildings and to design the largest spans with the smallest members allowed.

Requirements -

Groups of 2 or 3 will be assigned a standard sketch design of a house, from which they are to design the structural layout, select members from relevant standards and document the structure of a house through graphic-led methods supported by schedules and third-party material.

The assigned sketch designs include the following:

  • roof forms
  • ceiling shapes
  • door and window approx. opening sizes and locations
  • structural materials for the floors, walls and roof
  • different combinations of timber and masonry structure

Changes to the house design are not allowed as this unit is not about designing houses.

For this exercise, do not include external masonry or lightweight internal or external cladding, including the external masonry layer in cavity brick/block construction. Also, do not include any secondary timber structure such as roof, ceiling or wall battens.

Llow for Site Classification A and Wind Category N1, Ail timber structure is to be Stress Grade F5 - do not use engineered structural timbers (such as LVL's, timber l-beams, posi-strut floor joists and beams) for this assignment.

Select the specific structure where necessary and design the layout and arrangement and calculate or select the required sizes and spacing for the sketch design you have been assigned. Please follow the construction type for the roof, floors and walls as indicated in the sketch design you have been issued, and do not change the indicated construction. Please document the following:


1) Edge beams and intermediate/stiffening beams under the reinforced concrete slab (reinforcing can be indicated but is not required). Intermediate beams should be located under internal load bearing walls.

2) Pad or strip footings and/or stumps or piers under the timber floor structure. Strip footings are to be at the edges of the building only.


3) Design the concrete slab integrated with the strip footings, showing level changes.

4) Design the layout and calculate the required sizes and spacing for the timber bearers.

5) Design the layout and calculate the required sizes and spacing for the timber floor joists.


6) Select the type of standard load-bearing masonry walls.

7) Select the type of lintels over openings for the masonry walls.

8) Timber studs, top plates and bottom plates are to be 90x45 F5 at 450 centres.

9) Calculate the required timber lintels and jack studs.


10) Design the roof truss arrangements and connections. For the purposes of this exercise, top and bottom chords and webbing are all to be 90x45 F5.

11) Select the size and spacing of the rafters or purlins for the cathedral ceiling.

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    Assignment Form into groups according to the group rules issued in class. Group rules will be issued and will outline required communications, recording and reporting of group and individual responsibilities, including penalties for group members who contravene the rules. The grading for this assignment wilt take into account the individual performance of group members through a peer review of each member by other group members as indicated in the group rules.

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    All drawings are to follow AS 1100.301 Technical Drawing - Architectural Drawing, or to follow the drawing examples issued. Use the proformas provided for the schedules. Hard copy submissions should be printouts of digital submissions. DO NOT HAND IN CRICINAL HAND DRAWINGS.

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    Grading Criteria - Comprehension of roof structures, including layout , spans and sizing of members, and relationship to walls below. Comprehension of timber wall structure, including layout, spans and sizing of members, and relationship to sub-floor structures below. Comprehension of masonry wall structure, including layout, spans and sizing of members, and relationship to sub-floor structures below. Comprehension of reinforced concrete slab structure, including layout and sizing, and relationship to other subfloor structure and walls, Comprehension of timber framed floor structure, including layout, spans and sizing, and relationship to other subfloor structure and walls. Quality of documentation, including clarity of drawings, completeness and non-duplication of key information. Quantity of documentation, including number of required and additional deliverables delivered. Grading adjusted according to peer review.

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    Group members will enter into a contract to undertake this assignment. Please make copies of the filled-in and signed contract for your reference and submit a copy to your tutor after the first Lute_ Group dynamics should model what happens in industry, Students will work collaboratively, distribute tasks equitably and check each other's work. Groups will record and report all activities including meeting minutes, record of responsibilities, etc_ See the unit convenor if there is any dispute, the earlier the better. Provide evidence through recording and reporting so that the unit convenor can resolve any disputes.

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    Once the assignment has been submitted, complete peer review forms and hand them in to the Unit Convenor. Peer reviews are due the day after the assignment submission. Grades will be adjusted according to this review from +5% to -30% of the grade. Adjustments will only be made if all peer review forms are submitted on time. Filled-in peer review forms are due in tutorials on Friday 15 March or Monday 18 March. Late submissions will not be accepted. Forms not submitted will be deemed to be 0% of the grade.

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