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This design is a relational data model for a library in a small town. The library contains books, videos, newspapers, and magazines that can be checked out. It also contains reference books, videos, magazines, and newspapers that cannot be checked out.

examine the data model and identify problems with or errors in the design. In a Microsoft Word document, capture the table definitions, definitions of (key and non-key) fields, and the relationships in the diagram when looking for problems and errors. These project components are further described as follows:

The table definitions

The definitions of the primary key fields

The relationships in the diagram

report your analysis describing the errors or problems in a 2- to 3-page document in APA format. Then, explain in words how to make changes to the diagram to fix those errors or issues. This part of the project requires you to think and plan for the project as a leader. This means that you have to think, execute, and review until you are satisfied with the outcome.

Reference no: EM131152090

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