Design algorithm to receive two integer items from terminal

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Reference no: EM1362031

Design an algorithm that will receive two integer items from a terminal operator, and display to the screen their sum, difference, product and quotient. Note that the quotient calculation (first integer divided by second integer) is only to be performed if the second integer does not equal to zero.

Reference no: EM1362031

Why can not a binary search be applied on the given list

Why can't a binary search be applied on the list below? In separate chaining, the keys that map to the same hash value are stored in a _____. When designing a hash function, w

Create algorithm to calculate union of two input sets-array

Create algorithm to calculate union of two input sets given as arrays, both of size O(n). The output must be array of distinct elements that form union of the sets.

Question about character array

The 2-most important design issues that are specific to character string types are the given, Should strings be simply a special kind of character array or a primitive type?

Why does not serialization save value of static variables

1) Why doesn't serialization save the value of static variables? 2) What are the advantages and disadvantags of serialization? 3) What things are required for a class that i

Implement bucket sort suing two-dimensional array

Where n is number of values to be sorted. Each row of two-dimensional array is referred to as bucket. Write class named BucketSort containing method called sort.

Define a structure type

Define a structure type to represent a single CD. The year must be stored as an integer, all other fields should be strings. Because memory space will be an issue you may no

Write the relation r as a set if ordered pairs

let A={a,b,c,d,e} and suppose R is an equivalence relation on A . Suppose R has two equivalence classes. also aRd ,bRc and eRd in R . WRITE the relation R as a set if ordered

Plot the time complexity according to theoretical bounds.

Be sure to only include the time needed for sorted, excluding the time to generate the random numbers. Plot the results (input size, running time) for BubbleSort and MergeSo


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