Describe the development of the string quartet

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Briefly describe the development of the string quartet. How would you relate this chamber ensemble to modern performing groups such as the jazz quartet? Or to a rock ensemble? What are some of the similarities and differences? Refer to the listening examples in the Special Focus to support your conclusions. Listen to the following selections from the 3-CD collection. You will refer to them in your writing assignment: String Quartet in E-Flat, No. 2 ("Joke") by Haydn String Quartet in C Minor by Beethoven String Quartet No. 2, Op. 17 by Bartók Street Stuff by Darol Anger (Turtle Island String Quartet)

Reference no: EM13144366

How understand and interpret the quran

What were some of the major groups and ideas that the Prophet may have encountered during his travels? Why is this context important for how we understand and interpret the

Describe ways that toyotas operations might have changed

The text says that Toyota has focused on quality as its operations capability and describe two ways that Toyota's operations might have changed if it had focused on low cost

Write a persuasive essay about happiness

Write a persuasive essay about happiness with a "provable" thesis. Below is a sampling of research questions that you might explore. Note that your thesis will be the answer

Information on psychology of dreams

I am looking for information on the psychology of dreams i need help with concluding paragraph and it needs to be 500 words. how do i know im getting good information.

A global anthology of short stories

Write a review on one of the stories from One World: A Global Anthology Of Short Stories by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Jhumpa Lahiri and 21 other authors. ISBN: 978-1-906523

Different levels for global abolition of the death penalty

The United States of American is supposed to be the land of the free, however, we currently have over 1.8 million citizen incarcerated with 3,000 waiting to be executed on d

Depersonalization and impersonalization in war

I am writing about the depersonalization/impersonalization that has arisen in war in the last few centuries, culminating in the advent of gaming and drones in war. Any ideas o

Sufi path the different station

The section is about the sufi path, the different station, whose scope was the remembrance of God, through the remembrance of Death. the second part is dedicated to the scope


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