Describe marys use of technology in her selling process
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Each case was chosen because it allows you to apply the information contained in the chapters. Many people are under the impression that in marketing, there are no right and wrong answers. Each decision is based on the marketer's personal opinion. In reality, that is not true. There are consequences to each decision and as a result, there are right and wrong decisions. In each of the cases, there are right and wrong answers. When answering a question, unless the question states, "in your opinion," the answer relates to specific information that can be found in the textbook. The information can be obtained in any module that has been presented up to that point. This allows you to see the relationship between the various concepts presented in the textbook.

The cases must be at least 2 pages, font size of 12, times new roman, and double-spaced. If you find that your case is less than that, you are definitely missing something.

Complete and submit the following case assignment:


1. Mary is a sales rep for 3M and receives a telephone call from Swanson Storm Door Company telling her that they were having a new product development project and thought a 3M application might be an option. The decision is critical and they need to make a decision today. They also describe some issues they are having with their current purchases from 3M.

The question is: What did Mary do prior to the meeting to prepare for this afternoon's meeting?

2. Successful salespeople have described characteristics that should exist to be a successful salesperson. Identify those characteristics and describe which characteristics Mary demonstrates, if any, in her presentation.

3. Describe Mary's use of technology in her selling process. Give examples and explain how it affects her performance.

4. The Buying Decision Process is very similar for industrial goods and consumer goods. Describe which steps the Swanson Screen Door Company uses in Mary's call.


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Swason screen door company adopted alternative evaluation so as to provide concrete information. As we all are aware that during the alternative evaluation stage of the customer decision making process, consumers are looking for solid, reliable as well as / and tangible information that would be allow them to make their choice. Specially for purchasing & products with high level of involvement. Improve the Shopping experience & customer relationships. As it is clear that the stage of post purchase behaviour can have important consequences for a brand. Positive or negative.

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