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Final Website
This Application gives you an opportunity to test what you have learned about accessibility on the web and apply it to your own website. Building on what you have already done, the final website will demonstrate all the web techniques learned in this course.

Note: You should keep working on your website in this unit and submit it at the end of Unit 6.

Perform the following steps:

1 Based on the theme you selected in Unit 1, add meta tags for the keywords, description, and author to your homepage.
2 Create a consistent design for your website through the use of CSS. Update all the pages in your website so that they use the CSS file you created in Unit 3.
3 Make sure all your Web pages are viewable in 800 x 600 resolution. You may need to change your screen resolution to test this.

Note: To change your screen resolution in Windows XP or Windows Vista, right click on the desktop and select "Properties." In Windows Vista, access the " Display Properties" dialog box and then the "Settings" tab. In Windows XP, access the "Settings" tab. In the "Screen resolution" area, adjust the existing resolution to 800 x 600 resolution. Click "Apply" when you are finished and close the Properties window.
To change your screen resolution in Mac OS X, open the "System Preferences." Open the "Displays Panel" and choose the "Display" tab. On the left of the Displays tab, select the 800x600 resolution from the list. Quit or close the Systems Preferences when you are finished.

4 Check the browser compatibility of your website. Test your website in at least two different web browsers. Create a new page called browsers.html. In that page, create a table with two columns "Browser" and "Testing Status" that lists the browsers where you tested your website. Note if everything works correctly or not. If not, fix your website so that all pages work in both browsers.

Note: If you currently only have one browser installed on your computer, search the web for an additional free browser of your choice to download. You can use the search bar at the bottom of this page to assist you in finding free browsers available on the web.
5 Create a link from your homepage to browsers.html.
6 Make the following necessary modifications to the website components so that these are accessible to people with physical challenges such as color blindness, visual impairment, and hearing impairment:
• Provide a high contrast color scheme.??• Add the "Alt" text option to all the "IMG" tags.??• Provide text descriptions for any audio samples you may have used.

7 Test the code thoroughly before publishing it.
8 Publish your work by uploading the new and modified files to your web host.
After you have uploaded your work, test your files again to be sure that everything is working correctly.

Reference no: EM13705278

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