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1. Many cultural relativists believe that their view strongly supports the virtue of tolerance. They think that if we cannot say that any one culture's values are better or worse than any other's, then there is no basis for hate and hostility toward other cultures.

Lewis Vaughn, the author of your text, makes 3 points against this view on p. 149. In your own words, briefly explain each of his these 3 points against cultural relativism.

2. Lewis Vaughn, the author of your text, argues that subjective relativism and cultural relativism implies moral infallibility. Moral infallibility for the individual in the case of subjective relativism and moral infallibility for cultures in the case of cultural relativism.

Define moral infallibility. One might think it is good to be morally infallible. Explain why it would be a problem for these theories.

Reference no: EM131421166

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