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A written assignment which critically evaluates the current approach to project management methodology in the individual's organisation against the recommended best practice of academic project management principles

This is a 3000 word assignment, which requires the student to identify an organisations current project management approach and methodology. This can be the student's own organisation or an organisation that the student has knowledge or experience of. The student should make a critical analysis of the project management approach and methodology by way of comparing and contrasting the various practices, methods, tools and procedures in place against the theoretical models and good practice guidance found in project management literature.

Important points to remember:

• All analysis and recommendations should be supported by reference to academic and professional publications.
• Your report should demonstrate project management theory throughout
• Your case study should be used as the starting point for your analysis of managing projects
• CU Harvard referencing must be used
• A list of references must be included
• You must ensure you are not plagiarising other published works
• Appendices should only be used to support information within the essay - appendices do not count towards marks.

Please note that the ability to write within the word limit is part of the assessment and a penalty of 10% of the mark is applied if the word limit is not within the range stated above.

Please include the number of words on the front page of your assessment.

- Header page

- Contents page

- Executive summary (not included in word count)

- Introduction to report

- Brief background on project

- Analysis

- Project lifecycle

- Project planning

- Constraints

- Resourcing

- Stakeholder Management

- Risk management

- Project Budgets / organisation

- Monitoring and controlling projects

- Project Governance and ethics

- Project management, project teams and conflict

- Project review and evaluation

- Conclusions

- Recommendations

- List of references (not included in word count)

- Appendices (details of the business case including time line, project duration, financial budget,etc.)

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Reference no: EM13852107

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