Create network diagram of logical sequence of all activities
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To begin you should identify a project that will be the subject of your Final Project for this course. It may be a project you are currently working on, recently completed, or one that will be undertaken in the near future. It can be a project that is related to an academic program, work experience, or personal. If you are unsure, talk to the instructor about possible choices.

See below for the full project plan description:
For your selected project, create the following:

Part 1. Project Overview - Describe the project that will be the basis for your final project. (1-2 paragraphs)

Part 2. Project Scope - Create a detailed description of the project scope of work, including any assumptions. Clearly state project objective(s). (1-2 pages)

Part 3. Risk Management - Create Risk Assessment Matrix for your project. (10-15 risks)

Part 4. WBS and Budget - Create Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

. List of activities, including estimated duration of each activity (20-40 tasks).

. Budget for each activity (hours for each person and any material costs).

Part 5. Network Diagram - Create a Network diagram of the logical sequence of all activities.

Part 6. Schedule - In MS Project, create a schedule table showing duration, start, and finish dates, predecessors and resource names for each task. Identify activities that make up the critical path. Discuss possible ways to reduce overall project duration and consequences of doing so.

Part 7. Resources - Describe your resources and the types of experience and skills for each resource. In MS Project, create and display 2 Resource Assignment Reports. Use 1 paragraph for each report to describe how it would be used for your project.

Part 8. Cost - In MS Project, create and display 2 Cost Reports. Use 1 paragraph for each report to describe how this report would be used for your project.

Part 9. Project Control Describe the methods that you would use in order to control the project. (1 paragraph)

Part 10. Project Closeout - Describe the tasks that you would need to complete in order to close out the project. (1 paragraph)

Part 11. Conclusion/Lessons Learned/Next Steps - For projects that are already completed, describe the lessons learned. For the projects that are coming up in the near future, describe the next steps. Create a conclusion for your final project.


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Part 1: Project Overview 3
Organisational Structure 3
Part 2: Project Scope 4
Project needs 4
Part 3: Risk Management 5
Risk assessment matrix 5
Risk Management Plan 5
Part 4: WBS and Budget 6
Work Breakdown Structure 6
Project Budgeting 8
Part 5: Network Diagram 9
Part 6: Project Schedule 12
Part 7: Project Resources 14
Part 8: Project Cost 15
Net Present Value Analysis 16
Return on Investment (ROI) calculation 17
A payback Analysis Scenario 17
Part 9: Project Control 17
Part 10: Project Closeout 18
Part 11: Conclusion 18
References 18

Part 1: Project Overview

The present project is undertaken to design gaming software for Client Company. The function of the software is amusement and fun. The project sponsor facilitates the supply of resources and capabilities involved in this project. The present project is headed by XXX. Games will bring fun, relaxation and harmony for players.

The project plan design that is designed by project manager is generally sent for the approval from corporate executive or project sponsor as reported by (Krezner 2013). This project plan includes the brief description about the scope of project, project resources, project necessities, risk management plan to sustain the project during delay in project deliverables. A clear work break down (WBS) with budget allocated for the project is briefly discussed with the network diagram. The plan is closed with the description about the closing procedure.

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