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Q1) Design a class named HousePlant. A HousePlant has fields for a name (for example, "Philodendron"), a price (for example, 29.99), and a field that indicates whether the plant has been fed in the last month (for example, "Yes"). Create the class diagram and write the pseudocode that defines the class. Design an application that declares an array of 10 HousePlants. Prompt the user for data for each of the HousePlants, then display all values. (Adding my words, Write the pseudocode for this application.)

Deliverables: Create and turn-in the following in a single Word or other word processing document:

1. A Class Diagram showing all attributes and their methods.

2. Pseudocode for all class methods. Write pseudocode (using the book's format) for all methods. Be sure and include the application as mentioned in 8c above.

Reference no: EM1351710

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