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Brief Annotated Bibliography

For this activity, you will locate two additional sources related to your topic or thesis for your field. You will create an annotated bibliography with entries that are well organized and include consistently strong summaries of the sources. You will also evaluate each source, and ensure you have clear and correct critiques of each source.

As you work on your final draft of your expository essay, you will incorporate these sources into your paper. You may find that, after reading sources in your field, you need to adjust your topic and thesis.

Additional instructions-As you read each of the two sources required for this assignment, make sure to record all the necessary information about the source, name of the journal, book, database, publication and retrieval date, and page numbers.

Required elements:

1. Annotations for at least two sources.

2. Two sources must be from the library databases.

3. Each source must be followed by a one-paragraph summary of the source and then a one- or two-sentence evaluation of the article focusing on the credibility and helpfulness of each source.

Attachment:- Essay.rar

Reference no: EM131361374

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