Create an accurate network diagram for networking diagram

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Create an accurate network diagram for the "Networking Diagram Assignment" spreadsheet that you received

Create a new document that resembles Page 4, do not re-submit the attached Page 4

Include all connected devices (peripherals, iPods, tablets, PC's, phones, etc) as directed in your personalized Networking Diagram Assignment spreadsheet that you received

Indicate how devices are connected, for example USB, network interface card, Bluetooth, etc.

Describe where the main firewalls are.

Show the IP addresses only for your router. (the IP address is found in your Networking Diagram Assignment spreadsheet)

Attachment:- IST_Network_Symbols.rar

Reference no: EM131168543

Identify the various costs associated with the deployment

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Describe in scholarly detail status of 3G and 4G network technologies and even challenge yourself to find out any research on future of 5G technology.

Explaining web-based interface running on another serve

Display it via a Web-based interface running on another server. What are security issues that could plague this solution if not attended to?


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