Create an access list that will allow your pptp

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You want to connect from home to your server at work using a PPTP VPN connection. This is the only PPTP connection that you allow. Your home IP address is Your server is located at and the PPTP service uses TCP 1723. create an access list that will allow your PPTP connection,deny other PPTP connections,and permit all other traffic.

Reference no: EM13810880

How many delay slots are needed by a load instruction

An omega switching network connects 4096 RISC CPUs, each with a 60-nsec cycle time, to 4096 infinitely fast memory modules. How many delay slots are needed by a LOAD instruc

Find total bandwidth if frequency division multiplexing used

Twenty-four voice signals are to be multiplexed and transmitted over twisted pair. Determine total bandwidth needed if frequency division multiplexing is used?

Ethical considerations when investigating specific crime

Write down the specific ethical considerations which need to be addressed when investigating specific crime? How can we decrease ethical problems involved in investigation of

How do you know that the information is secure from phishing

Computer system provides protection using the Bell-La Padula policy. How would a virus spread and how do you know that the information you type in is secure from phishing?

Write recursive subroutine to calculate factorial function

Write down simple (closed) subroutine sum(A,n) to sum the array of n integers and return result un EDSAC using "initial orders. Write down recursive subroutine fact(n) which c

Where are wlan technologies going in the future

Where are WLAN technologies going in the future? Research what the next versions of the 802.11 standards are, and provide your educated opinion on how these technologies wil

Create a process map that shows the basic components of pki

Create a process map that shows the basic components of PKI (including certificates). Include each device's role in each step. Note: One device may have more than one role.

Makes built-in kitchen ovens

The whirlpool factory in Oxford, Mississippi, makes built-in kitchen ovens.3 In the 1990s, this plant re-engineered its processes to become JIT/lean. One of the parts of a par


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