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Prior to implementing any design we need to first write-up our proposed network design on paper. With that in mind, we begin by performing a network discovery. Once we have identified all the network devices and the needs of the organization, we can document the TCP/IP information that is needed for our design. In this exercise you will determine the subnet information for each department and assign IP addresses for the network devices.

You have been assigned as a networking tech for a new client, AAA Fabricating. The network is configured with a Class C network and the current allocation of IP addresses has been depleted. You have been tasked to reconfigure the network with a Class B address and assign a subnet to each of the 10 departments and the three routers.

Your network audit consists of the following information:

AAA Fabrication consists of 10 departments spread across three buildings.

Each building is connected using three Cisco 2800 Series routers. The three routers are located in the MIS wiring closet in Building 2.
Each department has its own Cisco 2950 switch.

There are at least two workstations in each department.

The company plans to use a class B address range starting at

Each department must be assigned a subnet. Subnets should be designed to allow for the maximum number of hosts on each department subnet using classful subnetting.

The company also wants the three routers to communicate on the minimum quantity of IP addresses using three subnets.

Part 2

Create a logical Network Diagram

795_Logical Network Diagram.png

Logical Network topology represents a high level overview of the signal topology of the network. Every LAN has two different topologies, or the way that the devices on a network are arranged and how they communicate with each other.

The physical topology represents the way that the workstations are connected to the network through the actual cables that transmit data; the physical structure of the network.

The logical topology is the way that the signals or the data passes through the network from one device to the next without regard to the physical interconnection of the devices.

Logical topologies represent the network protocols that direct how the data moves across a network. The Ethernet protocol is a common logical bus topology protocol.

A logical topology is not necessarily the same as its physical topology.

Using the information from the IP addressing exercise create a logical network diagram showing how the current network is interconnected.

Part 3

Create access lists to restrict traffic between departments.

You have been tasked to create the following access list.

The HR and Payroll departments both reside in the same building. The company has devised a new benefits system. The HR department is the only department that should access the Payroll subnet. All hosts on the network should be able to access the HR department.

Reference no: EM13881006

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