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Pivot Tables and Charts

You have been asked by the Sales Manager to do analysis fora company that sells three products (LM2500, NX900, GF2345) in four regions (North, South, East, and West).

The data you have been given is for 2016 (it's FY similar is similar to the federal government)and you must follow these instructions:

1. Use the file MIS301-MIS303_Homework4_Data.txtposted on Blackboard as the datasource.You may assume the raw data is correct and it is not necessary to format this worksheet - just leave it as-is - but you must rename your worksheet to 'Raw Data' and make it the first one in your spreadsheet.

2. Label your filename '[Your LastName_FirstName]_Homework4' and save it in an .xls or .xlsx format.

3. Create a worksheet labeled 'Pivot Table' and create a Pivot Table that has the Sales Person as the filter and shows region and products by rows and the value for the column. Show the summation for the column of the 1st and 3rd quarter of 2016 for sales reps James and Lin. Format the cells with no decimals but with commas in the appropriate places.

4. Create a worksheet labeled 'Pivot Chart' and create a Pivot Chart that shows the average sales of Debbie and Rajiv for 2016 for each region to one decimal point. Format the pivots chart so it appears as: East, North, South, West. It is not necessary to add a chart title because of the dynamic nature of the Pivot Chart.

Goal Seek

1. Name a worksheet as 'Goal Seek' and label cells as shown below (be sure to follow this explicitly as it makes grading much easier on me).



Loan Repayment

Base Scenario

Interest Rate


# of Payments






Total Payments


Total Interest


Using the following values, calculate Payment, Total Payments, and Total Interest for your Base Scenario. Format all payment fields as currency ($) with appropriate decimals and format all other fields correctly. Payment is assumed at the beginning of the period.

Interest Rate - 3.24% (annual interest rate)| # of Payments - 360 (30-year mortgage) | Principal - $849,999 (1 pt)

When you present these figures to your clients, they say the maximum monthly payment they can - afford is $3125. Using the same initial values for Interest Rate, # of Payments, and Principal, use Goal Seek to adjust the following variables for the maximum payment the client can afford (i.e., you need to create three scenarios, label them 'Revised 1', 'Revised 2', 'Revised 3'):

Revised 1 - Principal
Revised 2 - # of Payments - whole number (use ROUNDUP function)
Revised 3 - Interest Rate - 2 decimal points

1. Name a worksheet 'Solver 1'. Using the following data, use Solver to calculate weekly Maximum Revenue while staying within the following prices and constraints:







Premium Latte


Premium Mocha






Max Cappuccino


Max Premium Cups


Max Premium Mocha


2. Name another worksheet 'Solver 2'. Using the data in Problem 2, use Solver to calculate Revenue = $2,125. You will need to solve the problem and then make it into a integer using the constraint function.

Attachment:- Data.rar

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In this assignment they asked to create an Excel file which will be used by the sales manager to do analysis in the sale products. The Excel file is initially filled with the data provided from the user and then pivot table and pivot charts are constructed. Next a Goal Seek function is implemented for Loan Repayment Scenario. Initially Interest Rate, # of Payments and Principal inputs are given from which Payments, Total Payments and Total Interest are found. In addition to this the maximum monthly payment they client can afford is given from which the revised Interest Rate, # of Payments and Principal are found. The next task involves the use of solver to calculate weekly Maximum Revenue..

Reference no: EM131264623

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All the information is provided in the attached document (Data is at the end of the document and directions are at the beginning) Thank you, Seek to adjust the following variables for the maximum payment the client can afford (i.e., you need to create three scenarios, label them Revised, Revised , Revised

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