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Project Management Plan

Task - This assignment follows from the case study used in Assessment 2. For the same case study, complete the following tasks by creating the following:

1. Scope management plan (including Requirements, In scope-out scope items, Deliverables and scope verification process) to direct your efforts.

2. WBS first using either the free-form or the org chart format.

3. Gantt chart-Take the WBS you have already developed. Define all of the activities that will be necessary to create each deliverable in your WBS. Create a schedule for your project. First create the schedule by hand using Post-it® Notes, and then put the information into MS Project. Take screenshots of the schedule to be pasted ni your word document that you are submitting. Be sure to include all of the summary rows (including the first row for the project title) and any key milestones. Make sure the critical path is easy to see.

4. Create a time-phased budget for your example project using bottom-up estimating. To the extent your sponsor will supply rates for workers, use those. Approximate rates for ones you cannot get. Ask your sponsor how they treat indirect costs. Be sure to include direct labour costs for you and your team mates and add 20% for fringe. State all assumptions and constraints you have used when creating your budget. State how confident you are in your estimates and what would make you more confident. Give examples of known knowns and known unknowns on your project. Tell how you have budgeted for both of them plus how you have budgeted for unknown unknowns.

5. Create a risk register (4 risks- 3 negative and 1 positive risk)for your example project.

Rationale -

This assessment task covers topics 1 to 9 and has been designed to ensure that you are engaging with the subject content on a regular basis. More specifically it seeks to assess your ability to:

  • demonstrate how a practicing project manager actually applies project management skills,
  • methods, techniques and tools ;
  • use an industry standard project management software tool (Microsoft Project);
  • apply project management skills, methods, techniques and tools to a real world problem typical of a project manager;

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Reference no: EM131352715

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1/13/2017 1:25:02 AM

Gantt chart shows- all activities included, schedule created, summary rows shown, first row shows project title , total duration shown, all necessary milestones shown, critical path shown and easy to see Bottom-up estimating done. Direct labour costs for you and your team mates and 20% for fringe included. All assumptions and constraints you have used when creating your budget stated. Confidence level for estimation stated. Examples of known knowns and known unknowns on your project given with explanation. Budget extracted from MS Project showing overall and breakdown for all summary tasks and resource along with various costs. All values of Risk register are accurate and consistent, all items of the register complete. Risks are relevant to the case study. Students are required to submit the range of documents describing their proposed project solution for the above tasks.


1/13/2017 1:24:56 AM

The assignment is of 25% weightage, that’s why expecting around 1500-2000 words for it. Australian Student, please do it properly and need all MS Project files. Don’t submit in RAR format, use ZIP, it is based on grand wines assignment. Based on previous work, will share it with start working email. Clear description of Requirements and in-scope items and out-of-scope items relevant to the case study. Clear description of project scope, including named deliverables. Scope verification/ acceptance is also defined relevant to the case study. WBS is structured, having logical and complete coverage for Project Execution and integrated into Project Schedule and Resource Matrix.

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