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Data Communications

Assume you are a Telecommunication Specialist and you have been tasked with providing your team an update on Data Communications. Research the following topics using the ITT Tech Virtual Library and the Internet:

Data Rate
High Speed Data Transfer

Create a minimum of 8 slides for a PowerPoint presentation that define and describe each of the topics. Each slide should include: Topic Name, Definition, Description, and Source. Since this is a formal presentation, be sure to include a Title slide and a Summary slide for a minimum of 8 slides in your presentation. Make your presentation professional with a unique background. Animate the slides so they advance automatically. Include slide numbers on the bottom right of each slide. Include the date on the bottom left of each slide.

Submission Requirements:

Microsoft PowerPoint
Minimum of a 8 slides
Unique Presentation Background
Animate the changing of the slides
Include Slide numbers on bottom right and the date on the bottom left of the slides.

Reference no: EM131066763

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