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Write a AXIS2 SOAP Java Web Service that performs a bidirectional currency conversion for the subsequent currencies- EUR, GBP and USD (American Dollar).

You are allowed to hardcode a static exchange rate in your web service. An illustartion of one such bi-directional conversion is - 1 EUR = 1.29624 USD and 1 USD = 0.771462 EUR

2. Write a Java ADB client to perform the subsequent- The client will read the contents of the file - invoice.txt.

The first line of the file will display the type of the currency. The client will then consume the web service written in step 1 to perform currency conversion and create similar files for the other 2 currencies. As an illutration if invoice file contains figures in GBP, client will produce two files - invoive_USD.txt and invoice_EUR.txt. Program should be able to detect this change and produce appropriate files when the currency is changed in the original file.

4. Modify both of the above clients (to write separate clients) to extract the exchange rate from a live web service that performs currency conversion. You can select a Java or a .NET web service. The new REST client should also be able to produce both the plaintext and encrypted files.

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