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Project Summary

Box galleria is a project concept that been introduced by Miral the development company of Yas Island which is funded by executive affair authority (EAA). This project will be located in Yas marina circuit, which is managed by Abu Dhabi motorsport management (ADMM).

Strategic Vision

As main target, ADMM organization is aiming to achieving 2020 vision to be an economically sustainable and to have 0% independency fromthe government support.

Mission of Statement:

1- providing sustainable for business plans for ADMM organization by around 4,500,000 AED yearly profit margins.

2- Increase in numbers of assets lists value owned by ADMM by 15%

3- Increasing yearly turn over of organization by 10%.

4- Targeting vacancies jobs for UAE national to cover 80% emiratization workforce in the organization chart.

Goals and Objectives

Box Galleria main goal is to promote and franchise the island all year activities including the international Main event F1 Abu Dhabi grand prix. Increase the revenue of the managing company -ADMM- and create a central shopping district to the circuit.

Project team

Group # is hereby authorized to start project management as required, negotiate for resources, delegate responsibilities within the framework of the project, and to communicate with all contractors and management, as required, to ensure successful and timely completion of the project. The Project Manager XXXX is responsible for developing the project plan, monitoring the schedule, cost, and scope of the project during implementation, and maintaining control over the project by measuring performance and taking corrective action.


This project will focus on constructing and facilitating a shopping distinct that will enable the visitors and the residents of Yas Islandto make the use out of the district. A project team will be formed from the stakeholders companies - EEA, Miral, ADMM and ADM- this team will manage and monitor the project aspects and will conduct all the bidding requests to achieve the requirements and to control the project.

Attachment:- Plan.rar

Reference no: EM13751859

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