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Complete your Portfolio Project assignment, focusing on making sure that you have all of the necessary components as set forth in the rubric. Spend time making sure that the formatting meets SEU APA standards, and thoroughly proofread and grammar-check your final product. When you have completed the portfolio, submit it to your instructor through this Assignment Drop Box.

This Portfolio Project is 5-6 page paper with exhibits of organization financial data, or a PowerPoint presentation with recorded narration or completed Notes section and exhibits of organization financial data. Your Project should identify a publicly-held corporation and conduct a strategic assessment that includes organizational analysis of: (a) financial condition

(b) Industry and competitors, and 

(c) Organization situation. From the assessment, 

(d) Formulate appropriate recommendations or strategy for organizational development from a management perspective.


Also, consider the work and final product of your Portfolio Project. Please post your overall evaluation of the Project and what specifically you learned from the process on the Discussion Board.

Reference no: EM13329291

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