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- From the e-Activity, discuss how standards for encryption modules and algorithms benefit the furtherance of Web application security. As the corporate ISSO, assess how you can ensure that a vendor's Web Server product implements an adequate security methodology.

- As the corporate ISSO, determine how you would ensure that Web applications are compliant with the applicable security standards. Select one such standard and explain how you would keep it in compliance

- Discuss in your own words the importance of balancing security and business functionality. Determine why upper management buy-in for a security program is essential for the program's success and compliance of end users.

- Evaluate why administrative, technical, and physical controls need to be implemented in tandem for a security program to be effective and determine which of these control sets you believe is the most important. Justify your response.

- Compare and contrast network-based and host-based IDS use in an enterprise. Determine the feasibility and necessity of utilizing one of these IDS implementations over the others and explain which you feel is more important and advantageous in an enterprise setting.

- From the e-Activity, discuss the tool's primary uses, strengths and weaknesses, competing products, costs, and system requirements. Explain why you would or wouldn't consider implementing this product in your organization. Justify your response.

Reference no: EM13831036

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