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Course Objectives

This assessment task relates to the following course objectives:

• employ a systems thinking approach to identify and understand the critical roles and phases in IT projects;

• explain the basic components of project management and its importance in improving the success of IT projects

• adopt a project management framework to write a project management plan, for a simulated real world contemporary information technology project;

• apply the process groups model to manage information technology projects of various complexities and scales;

• demonstrate decision-making processes to solve a range of information technology project issues;

• classify and discuss current issues in IT project management

• appreciate the importance of project management practice within an information technology business environment; and

• value the significance of software quality in IT projects


A critique or critical analysis is a review or appraisal based on careful analytical evaluation. Writing a critical analysis requires you to read the selected text in detail and to also read other related texts so that you can present a fair and reasonable evaluation of the selected text.
In this assignment, you are required to undertake a critical analysis of a Project Management Plan (PMP) which is the core of PMBOK. Critical thinking is an important component of being a professional. Without thinking critically you are only looking at the surface of things. To be a successful project manager you need to sort out what's accurate and what's not, and you need to identify a solid, factual base for solving problems and addressing issues on your project.

An electronic copy of a PMP for you to evaluate and critique is available through this link:

For assistance in critical writing techniques, see:

Federation University's General Guide to Writing and Study Skills, in particular pp. 25 - 27 on Critical

Thinking; and

The purpose of this PMP critique is to prepare your for developing your own PMP. After this PMP critique, you should know what a good PMP is like and how to write a good PMP for your assignment 3. When doing the critique, focus on the following major points or findings:

1. The structure and components of the PMP. They can usually be found at the table of content

2. The content of the PMP. How and why the particular information is used

3. Presentation. How each content or section is presented, especially the conciseness, format, and style

4. Tools. The common techniques and tools used in the PMP presentation

5. Effectiveness. The most effective or the best techniques and tools for each components


Your critical analysis will understand (interpret and summarise), analyse and evaluate (judge) key aspects of the assigned PMP. You should adopt Schwalbe (2010, pp.151-154; 2014, pp.161-164) and the PMI's (2013, p.77) PMBOK Guide as frameworks for comparison and evaluation.

An electronic copy of these documents is available in Moodle (partner students please see your Tutor or Course Lecturer).

Reference no: EM13834023

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