Assignment-developing and managing multi-cultural teams

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Assignment: Developing and Managing Multi-Cultural Teams

As the diversity manager of a global company, you have developed a deep appreciation for the importance of understanding multi-cultural teams in the workplace. However, you know that some of the managers struggle with developing and managing multicultural teams in your company. There seems to be a need for company-wide information and training on the topic of "Developing and Managing Multi-Cultural Teams."

You decide to prepare a training handout for the next managers' meeting, that emphasizes the following points:

Dimensions of a multi-cultural team

Discrimination laws and their impact on managing a multi-cultural team

Affirmative action programs and their impact on managing a multi-cultural team

Building an inclusive culture within the team

Challenges of managing a multi-cultural team

Recommendations for improving communications within a multi-cultural team

Modeling and leading diversity acceptance and change.

Reference no: EM131158658

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