Aspects of security that are just as important as encryption

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CISCO Designong Cisco Networks Questions:

1- List and describe 5 Data Center design issues.

2- List 5 considerations, in order of priority, which will influence your decision in selection of routing and switching devices.

3 - Cisco supports gateway protocols: MGCP, SGCP, H.323 and SIP. From your experience or knowledge you acquired though reading this weeks material, which protocol would you select for your voice gateway? Please give reasons and assumptions.

4- You have come across many voice quality issues (Jitter, delay, packet loss echo etc.). Research and discuss two issues which you would give priority to resolve them.

5 - List all considerations and describe two when designing an enterprise WLAN solution.

6 - Laptop-1 is unable to communicate with rest of the network. List all the possible problems and discuss the solution for two of those problems.

7- List and briefly describe four tradeoffs that often must be made in order to achieve good network security.

8- People who are new to security often assume that security simply means encryption. Why is this a naïve assumption? What are some other aspects of security that are just as important as encryption?

Reference no: EM13755135

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Watch the "Zappos" video at the text Companion website (your access code packaged with the textbook). What are five important points, or "take aways" that you learned from w

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Source routing (2010) defines strict source routing as specifying "the exact route that the packet must take".Strict source routing is almost never used; under what circumst


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