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Special Note: Please assign this work to a core expert with english as first langauge. The last two works were not satisfactory.Task: There are many projects known to the public, which have received attention by the media because of their "perceived failures". Select a well-known project and conduct research into its "perceived failures". Word length 2500 words (do not exceed word limit). Do not include References in the word count. Tasks

(a) Critically analyse the case you have selected in order to detail the underlying reasons for the "perceived failures" in the project. Ensure that you make appropriate references to project management literature.

(b) Provide recommendations for how effective project management could have helped to avoid the problems described in your answer to

(a). Make appropriate references to project management literature. Your assignment will be assessed according to these criteria:

• Ability to collect and analyse relevant data

• Degree of knowledge and understanding of the module subject

• Ability to critically synthesise and apply relevant theories and concepts from a range of sources

• Ability to develop an argument which is well structured, clearly justified and relevant to the particular circumstances of the situation under consideration

• Ability to identify and evaluate a range of strategic options relevant to the particular circumstances of the situation under consideration

• Degree of originality in generating relevant and justified solutions to the business problem under consideration

• Clear and logical structure

• Professionalism of presentation

• Ability to apply the Harvard referencing system in the correct manner

• Ability to manage time to submit by the deadline

• Academic good conduct Your assignment must comply with the University of Salford policies on academic honesty which are summarised here:

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