Applicability of a range of research methodologies
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Dissertation writing for Msc in Project Management.

Referencing to be Harvard referencing. Can you submit the plagiarism report as well.provide guidelines and advice to help you to successfully complete your dissertation.

Evaluating the Criticality of Sustainability as a Success Factor in Project Management in the Contemporary Business Environment: A Case Study of ABB Ltd UK

By following the information in this guide you will be able to successfully meet the learning outcomes of the dissertation which include:

1. Identify and critically discuss appropriate literature sources

2. Identify and critically discuss the applicability of a range of research methodologies and paradigms within a range of disciplines

3. Critically evaluate and apply appropriate research tools and techniques

4. Appraise the validity and reliability of research data.

Evaluating the Criticality of Sustainability as a Success Factor in Project Management in the Contemporary Business Environment: A Case Study of (Company)

Describe the topic(s) or issue(s) you wish to investigate for your Dissertation.
These must relate to the subjects that comprise your programme of study, and must clearly indicate what your aims /objectives / research questions will be.

What facts or information will you need to gather? How will you access these?

To which subject area(s) is this proposal - in your view - most strongly related?

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