Analyzing moral issues in professional environments

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In an essay (including end notes, bibliography [MLA Style] make a decision regarding the morality of these parents' action.

- Implementation Theory (8 page-hand-out) which includes the chart.

Research paper should be written using MLA style

Theodore Tchamala, Professional Ethics: Analyzing Moral Issues in Professional Environments, Boston: Pearson Education Company, 2006.

Case: 1

A Seattle couple has a nine-year-old daughter, named Ashley, who has static encephalopathy, a rare brain condition which will not improve. As a result of this condition, Ashley has the mental ability of a three-month-old baby and cannot walk or talk. Instead of putting her in an institution, the couple decided, out of love obviously, to take care of her at home. Contrary to Ashley's quite limited psychological (mental) development, the rate of her physical growth was normal apart from the fact that, at six year of age, she was already showing signs of puberty. But, as her body was developing, Ashley was, like any other girl, getting bigger and heavier; and Dad became the one who was lifting her from one place to the other. Ashley's gradual growth in size and weight made the couple realize that their ability to keep providing her with a more personal type of care will go diminishing as they get older. At that point in time, they would be forced to consider using a mechanical lift, which is much more impersonal. To ensure not only that they are able to care for their daughter as long as they are alive, but also that the latter is provided with the best possible quality of life, the parents sought and obtained a hormone treatment to limit Ashley's growth. They further opted for surgery to block breast growth and had her uterus and appendix removed.

1. "because she will remain the weight of a child, it will [would] be easier for them to move her around, bathe her and involve her in family activities - movement that will benefit her physical and mental well-being."

2. "the treatment will help to improve her quality of life."

3. "a fundamental and universal misconception about the treatment is that it is intended to convenience the caregiver. Rather, the central purpose of the treatment is to improve Ashley's quality of life."

4. "keeping her "frozen" as a girl rather than letting her go through puberty and growing into a woman will give her a better life."

5. "the decision to remove their daughter's uterus and breast buds was for the girl's comfort and safety."


In an essay (including end notes, bibliography [MLA Style] and outline), make a decision regarding the morality of these parents' action.

- Implementation Theory which includes the chart.

Theodore Tchamala, Professional Ethics: Analyzing Moral Issues in Professional Environments, Boston: Pearson Education Company, 2006.

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Reference no: EM13850663

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