Analyzing interdisciplinary discourse

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Analyzing Interdisciplinary Discourse

For this first unit, you will closely analyze a sample of writing from a discipline of your interest, a sample that itself crosses disciplines. You will choose this document yourself, so find something that is meaningful to you, interesting and useful to your professional and intellectual development. Ideally this document should reveal in significant and characteristic ways how people in your chosen profession create, consume, and distribute information and knowledge across disciplines, how they communicate in writing with each other across disciplines. You want to gain insight into your profession and its operations by studying this document, so be ambitious in your choice. You have a number of options for fulfilling this assignment:

1. Visit your last co-op site or examine written materials from that experience. Choose one important written text from this experience as a basis for this assignment.

2. Examine a web site or other digital text of an organization, institution, scholar or professional in your field.

3. Examine an issue of a research journal in your field and/or a single article in the journal.

4. Examine an interdisciplinary research or technical document produced by an influential professional or organization in your field on a topic of your choice, a topic you might continue to pursue in your upcoming writing for this class. You might consider work written by someone in your field whom you admire or wish to emulate or whose job you wish to have.

You must include with your submitted work a suitable copy of the document you're examining (scan it if necessary). Submit this copy. Upload this copy to the "Unit 1 Specimens" folder in the course Journal. You may change your choice of text to examine up to the moment you submit your final draft.

Bloggy Assignment (about 300 words or so)

1. What is the document you want to study? What is its objective? Where did it come from? Who wrote it? When? Who is its audience? Why do you want to study it?

2. What is a moment in the document that you think is worth looking at very closely? Quote this moment, which could be text, an illustration, or some other feature. If you want to "quote" a picture, see if you can paste the image into your bloggy. Why is this moment significant? How does it function, to draw on our reading for Unit 1, as an example of the discourse of a discipline? Offer an arguable analytical judgment on the discursive significance of the specific quoted evidence. 

The discipline I am interested in is Business such as Accounting or Finance area. And choose a lone article (document) because later I will write a 1000 words final paper about this article. And my final paper will build directly from this assignment. 

Please provide the copy or the link of the document you analysis in the writing.

Reference no: EM131126135

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