Analyzing and evaluating an organization change
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Project Subject: Analyzing and evaluating an organization change by using Nadler &Tushman's Model

1- Use the Nadler &Tushman's congruence model to describe your organization or an organization you are familiar with. Categorize the key components of the environment, strategy, tasks, formal system, and key individuals. What outputs are desired? Are they achieved?

2- Is the strategy in line with organization's environmental inputs? Are the transformation process (the key tasks, the formal organization, the informal organization, and the key individuals) all aligned well with your organization's strategy? How do they interact to produce the outputs?

3- When you evaluate your organization's outputs at the organizational, group, and individual levels, do you see anything that might identify issues that your organization should address?

4- Are there some aspects of how your organization works that you have difficulty understanding? If so, identify the resources you can access to help this analysis.

Project Working Guidelines

A. Project Structure

It is recommended that your project report have the following structure in the order provided here.

1. Table of Contents
Table of contents should contain titles and page numbers for the main sections and subsections of your report. The table of contents should also include entries for any appendices in your report.

2. Introduction

It consists of presenting your organization, the subject and the objectives of your project. You should also present the different questions and issues you will have to discuss in this project.

3. Report Body
This is the central and main part of the project which contains the answers to the different questions asked above. The main requirement is that you need to structure the report so that it is clear and structured in a way that makes sense. Grammar and spellings count.

4. Conclusion

The project's conclusion should summarize the main findings obtained through your analysis.

5. References

You are responsible for appropriately citing material and methods that you use. Give references for the data collected from a text book, a magazine, a review or a website identifying its sources while using the appropriate form. In the references section, references should be in a numbered list, ordered alphabetically by the last name of the first author.


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The work is on the Tuchman model and Noldhak where the focus is on the company and the key aspects. Here, the focus is on working over the different perspectives which relates to the work on Harvard formatting with Introduction and the conclusion. The focus is on the asepcts and the issues which related to the system standards and the perspectives.

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