Analyze the medicaid case study using the burke-litwin model

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For this module, you will use the Burke-Litwin Model for organizational change to analyze the Medicaid case study, and (hopefully) you will come to appreciate its ability to home in on all the key areas required to conduct organizational change, including transformational and transactional factors.

Required Reading

Isett, K. R., Glied, S. A., Sparer, M. S., & Brown, L. D. (2013). When Change Becomes Transformation. Public Management Review, 15(1), 1-17. doi:10.1080/14719037.2012.686230

Case Assignment

Drawing on the material in the required and background reading, prepare a 5- to 6-page paper (not including cover and reference pages) in which you:

1. Analyze the Medicaid Case Study using the Burke-Litwin Model.

2. What limitations does the model have, and how did they manifest in this particular situation? What should be done to ensure that when using it they do not impact your analysis / change project?

Keys to the Assignment

The key aspects of this assignment that should be covered in your paper include:

  • Apply the Burke-Litwin Model to analyze the case study.
  • Thoroughly examine the 12 key areas of the model.
  • Examine and identify the transformational factors important to the change effort. Why are they important?
  • Examine and identify the transactional factors important to the change effort. Why are they important?
  • Identify which box in the Burke-Litwin model each piece of data that you find in the case study relates to.
  • Compare and contrast the BL Models to the NT and McKinsey 7-S Models, and discuss its strengths and limitations. What were its strengths in its use in this Case Assignment? Its limitations?

Reference no: EM131176028

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