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Summarize and apply a research article, sourced from a high quality peer reviewed management journal, to a practical business challenge involving a HR compensation related issue. Using information contained in the article for support, create a three page (not including title or reference pages) double spaced paper using the APA 6th edition style format. The paper will focus on analyzing an issue and suggesting a course of action to effectively manage the situation.

The case method has been used for decades in many top business schools as a way for students to apply analytical and decision making skills in a situation that simulates a realistic situation. If used in a group setting it also gives students to develop teamwork and interpersonal skills in a learning environment.

Students should place themselves in the role of the decision maker. That does not mean that you assume that person's identity, but rather assume that you suddenly find yourself in that position.

It is not unusual for cases not to have a clear-cut, correct answer. Although certain options usually make more sense than others, the primary goal is not necessarily to come up with the right answer. Rather it is to help the student develop skills that can be used in business when she or he becomes a professional manager.

Just as in business, cases often lack necessary information, and contain superfluous information that can distract, or even mislead the decision maker from the task at hand. That said, there is also a great deal of information provided in the typical case upon which to make sound, rational judgments. Be aware that this information may not be in a format that makes its value readily apparent to the reader. Usually, extensive analysis is required to put the data into a form that allows the decision maker to extract useful information.


Cases usually ask the reader to assume the decision maker's place, and answer the questions:

1. What is your analysis of the situation described in the case?

2. What action would you take?

3. Why would you take that action?

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Reference no: EM13516103

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