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  • Overview of Course Assignment:
    • In Week 7, you will submit the final draft of a 1,000- to 1,200-word persuasive research paper in which you work to persuade an audience to agree with you or take a certain action.
  • Due This Week:
    • Create a research proposal for your final paper.
  • Details:
    • To help connect this to the real world, think about something you may one day or now write for work, such as a proposal on why the company should allow telecommuting, or a four-day work week. Other ideas could include why your organization should follow a certain set of procedures such as in accounting, or upgrade its computer systems. You also can consider topics that are important to you such as whether students should be required to do community service in high school, or whether recycling should be required.
    • Write a clear, grammatically correct topic research proposal that includes:
      • Discussion of the topic you want to research, including why you want to research this subject; your current opinions on this topic; what you think you know about the subject and how you know it; and what you want to learn through research.
      • An explanation of your intended audience in addition to your professor for the paper. Examples could be your city government, newspaper readers, or your company.
      • A working thesis statement to guide your paper. Please know that this thesis statement may change as you learn more on the topic throughout the course.
    • You will compose sections of your paper throughout this course. Each week you will complete a section, starting with this week's assignment, and by the end of the course, you'll have composed a well-written final version of an academic, persuasive research paper.
  • Conducting Research:
    • Use the University Library  for most of your research. Other sources that can be used for your research include local government web sites.
    • Use a list of at least five journals or databases from the University Library  that you will consult to research this topic. You do not need to list specific issues, just the name of the journal such as the American Journal of Ophthalmology. Follow these steps to navigate to the West online library databases:
      • Select the "Resources" tab from your course page.
      • Select "Online Library" under the "Learning Resources" heading. A new page will open.
      • In the library, ignore the keyword search; it does not work well.
      • Choose "General Resources."
      • Choose "ProQuest."
      • Select "full text" and "peer reviewed." (Select the boxes.)
      • Search for a relevant term (for example, "recycling trends").
      • Look through "Specialized Resources" from the list of Library Resources. Watch the Student Success Videos on using the West online library.
  • Formatting Your Proposal:
    • Use the West Assignment Template  located in the West Writing Center (MyWest > Resources >Learning Resources) as a template for this assignment.
    • Format your paper using the West Assignment Template , and the guidelines for references and citations in the West Writing Style Handbook . You can easily create correct references and citations using the West Citation and Reference Generator Tool  on the West Writing Center site (MyWest >Resources > Learning Resources > West Writing Center).
    • Watch the Student Success videos:
      • Using the West Assignment Template
      • The West Writing Style Handbook
      • Assignment Ethics, Plagiarism, and Citations
    •  Proofread your paper to ensure that it is clear and grammatically correct.
  • Submitting Your Proposal:
    • Submit your paper to the Tutoring Service for review. The Tutoring Service is found under MyWest >Resources> Learning Resources.
    • Revise your paper based on the comments from the Tutoring Service.

Reference no: EM131088937

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